Brine Makers

The salt brine batch maker pictured makes 1000 gallon of salt brine at a time. It is made of 1” thick poly for strength and durability. The top of the tank is open so salt can easily be dumped in from a loader. The tank has internal tubing to insure an even and complete mixture of the salt and water. Once the tank is full of water and salt it will take approximately 45 minutes to completely mix. The 3 valves shown are for filling, mixing, and then removal of the brine from the tank. The heavy duty construction allows for the tank to be tipped over on it side for easy clean out.

In addition to the brine maker, a 2” pump is required to circulate the product and pump it to a storage facility. A good source of water will also be needed since the total time to make a batch depends the time required to fill the brine maker and mix the brine solution.

Batch makers can also be customized in size to fit your brine needs.


V-Bottom Salt Brine Batch or Continuous Flow Tank

  • 1000 gallon poly tank 5’x 5’x 12’ long – 1” thick poly
  • Tip over with loader for easy clean-out – heavy duty tank
  • Includes 2” valves with cam-lock connections, hose, fittings, & 2” internal plumbing for mixing
  • Agitation lines (1 – 2” poly water pipe and 1 – ¾” poly air pipe) within tank provide maximum flow from pump to mix the salt and water. 60 degree slopes (V – Bottom) built into both sides at bottom to prevent salt build-up
  • Top valve for suction to pump for mixing
  • Middle valve suction to empty tank to storage tanks
  • Bottom valve return to tank for mixing in 2” pipe
  • Airline valve attaches to compressor and by manual opening, sends bursts of air to agitate and mix (speeds process of brine making)
  • 1000 gallons of water mixes 2300 lbs. salt for salt brine – water level  to 6” from top of tank
  • Requires approximately 20 minutes to mix – goal is 23.3% salinity
  • Very heavy duty tank reinforced internally – no lid
  • Easy fill with loader – 10’ wide
  • Customer to provide water supply to tank – flow rate available effects batch production time
  • Includes 2″ Flow System plumbing set-up with 8 valves, flow meter and poly pump 5ph electric, 1 phase, 220 volt, 30 amp motor – Detailed list of components available
  • Includes Hydrometer for accurate salinity testing on each batch

Continuous flow setup requires 100 gallon catch tank with Sump Pump and plumbing changes.  Tank is kept full of salt in continuous flow mode and salt brine flows off top valve to catch tank.

Production Rates depend on water flow rates and salt fill levels in tank.

Pump and valve system attached to tank allows for emptying to storage at any time.[

Air agitation assists in salt removal in bottom of tank.

Base Price $16,500

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