12 Volt Brine Application System

Entire system easily mounts to an existing tank with frame or another style tank with appropriate framework.  The 12 volt Dura-Pump provides the required flow volume for deice and anti-ice liquid applications.  This pump is capable of handling high viscosity liquids in low temperature conditions.  All the items listed below come with this system to make liquid application easy and effective on small properties:

  • 12 volt pump capable of 10-12 GPM in cold conditions.
  • Flow meter to easily measure liquid application amount in gallons per job.
  • Spot spray gun to access walkways, steps, & small hard to reach areas.
  • Spray boom with truck receiver mount & quick attach hoses.
  • Pressure gauge allows driver to manage application rate to spray boom.
  • Boom covers 10′ with 10 TeeJet StreamJet nozzles that spray 7 streams from each nozzle.
  • Truck-friendly electrical cable reaches from the battery to the pump with an in-cab on/off toggle switch.
  • Plumbing to agitate tank contents to maintain solution condition.
  • Hose and fittings to fill other small liquid application units from the truck.
  • Extra pump gasket and cartridge included for quick and easy repair.
  • Extra plumbing fittings and spray boom components included.
  • Extra fittings included to attach to various style tank fittings and to fill from other tanks.
    ***Cage Tank not included with kit**


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