Tail Gate Units

The Tailgate Unit has become another popular deice product.  This unit attaches to the tailgate of a salt truck and allows liquid deicer to be applied to the salt as it hits the spinner. By doing this, the salt reacts quicker with the ice and snow melting it faster. This unit comes with a John Blue 12 volt electric pump and a rheostat in the cab to adjust the flow of the product. These tanks are custom built out of 1” poly to withstand the abuse that they take from being attached to the back of a salt truck.

Tail Gate Units

  • ¾” Thick Poly Tank – triple vented at top – 2” quick fill on end with male cam lock – sight gauge hose – heavy duty tank baffled and gussets inside
  • 5’ wide x 2’ tall x 1’ deep – pump mounted left side of tank
  • Painted Steel Mounting Brackets [2] with Bolt clamp to tailgate – easy removal
  • 12 volt pump switched in cab independent or with salt switch/valve
  • Nozzle assembly mounts to spinner or in auger – XR8006VS nozzle – flat fan pattern – We can use many nozzle options to meet your best setup
  • Check valve assembly to prevent siphoning when not in use
  • Easy to mount on various truck beds – brackets bolted to tank mounts at customer location
  • Manual valve and gauge to set desired pressure on nozzle to match salt flow
  • Various nozzle sizes available to meet flow required


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