Road Solutions, Inc has worked with Wayne Harris and Agro Chem for over 16 years. First of all, Wayne Harris has never let a customer of ours down. Wayne Harris and Agro Chem Equipment have helped well over 700 of our clients get the correct equipment at a fair cost. I recommend their equipment all over North America and have never heard anything except very positive feed back on both Wayne and the quality of the equipment. I do trust Wayne to always do right by our clients. We have formed a very positive relationship and it is truly a Win-Win-Win when a client of ours invests in Agro Chem’s Equipment.

Jay Walerstein

Vice President , Road Solutions Inc.

We have purchased Storage Tanks, Anti-Ice/De-Ice Skid Units and many parts from Agro Chem East over the past few years. All the purchases were delivered on time and met or exceeded specifications. Their equipment has been dependable and the product support from their sales staff has been ‘top notch’.

Bryan Pickworth

DPW Road Maintenance Supervisor, City Of Farmington Hills, MI

It has been a pleasure to have you as our partner for the last 8 years in supporting our Governmental, Commercial, & Educational clients ‘Make winter roads, sidewalks, & parking lots safer for less.’ It is a blessing to be able to provide Agro Chem’s information, knowing that you will always provide the same level of service and support to our clients that we do! I know that many of our clients like Kalamazoo Dept of Public Works, Brownsburg, IN Street Dept, Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI), Purdue University, Elkhart Street Dept, Manistee County Road Commission, & the Warsaw Street Dept have been generous with their words about your help and professionalism. I want to thank you for helping me look better with our clients when it comes to helping them purchase what they need to get their jobs done in these tough economic times.

Ron Waltman

Regional Manager, IN/MI, Road Solutions

We have been in liquid snow/ice control for over 10 years. Agro-Chem has provided us with the necessary equipment and expertise to cost effectively replace our existing fleet of v-box salters with their truck-mounted spray systems. We are conservatively using 60% less raw material (rock salt) to treat the same amount of acreage. Their brine making systems as well as knowledge in storage systems has made this an extremely profitable part of our business. As with any supplier, customer service is key and their knowledgeable staff is readily available with quick shipping of parts and supplies. We highly recommend Agro-Chem for your de-icing solutions.

Ed Katulski

President, E&B Maintenance, Farmington Hills, MI

Wayne, Thanks for the help setting up the brine system for the Village of Bethel. We now have used the system for the second winter season. Our system is very economical and affordable. We are now able to provide an added service for our residents. Thanks,

Ron Kilburn

, Village of Bethel

Wayne came out and saw our operation and suggested to get two new 5000 gallon tanks and another pump with a flowmeter on it. Now we are able to store more product, mix product, and stir our tanks. We can fill a 1000 gallon truck in 10-15 minutes. Wayne was very professional. We cut 30% of downtime…..our operations have been much improved.

Joeseph Kane CPWM

Joeseph Kane CPWM, Montgomery Twp Dept. Of Public Works, Belle Meade, NJ

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