3-Point Utility Units

This 55 gallon 3-point unit is for the back of a small utility tractor. The unit comes with a 3-point attachment for the tractor and a PTO driven Hypro pump. The pump is a Hypro 6500 series roller pump with a 540 adapter. Also included is a hand wand and a boom on the back of the sprayer. The boom can be plumbed in different widths depending on the area to be covered. It is equipped with either nozzles or dribble hose for application of different areas. There is a manual shutoff for the boom and a manual pressure adjustment to get the correct amount of product applied.



7’ boom

12′ boom (pictured)

Hand gun
TriggerJet (pictured)

Manual (pictured)
TIR RC-10N Speed and Pressure Controller
MicroTrak Roadmaster Automatic Rate Controller

Base Price – $1,700

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