Along with a manual control system we offer 2 other types of product controllers. The first option is the RC-10N Speed & Pressure controller made by Texas Industrial Remcor. With the Speed & Pressure controller, the operator can increase pressure as speed is increased and decrease pressure as speed is decreased with the pressure switch to achieve the correct application rate. This system allows the product flow rate to be controlled from the cab by operating 2 switches, the master on/off and pressure increase/decrease switches.  A built-in pressure gauge allows the operator to see the operating PSI of the deice unit.

The Roadmaster is an automatic rate control system. It is the safest and most effective way to apply deice solutions to the roadway.  Not only can you use it to turn the booms on & off, but it will also change the flow rate as the speed of the vehicle changes to ensure the product is still being applied at the desired target rate.  A 5Hz GPS speed sensor is connected to the controller for accurate speed readings.  When the vehicle speed increases, the controller will automatically increase the flow to the boom and when the vehicle slows, the flow will decrease. The Roadmaster also provides a programmable Blast application option which will allow the operator to add extra product for the pre-set time & rate in high risk areas on bridges and intersections with one touch of a button.  This system allows the operator to have full focus on the road, traffic, and application truck and eliminates incorrect application rates allowing the operator to complete the job more efficiently.

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