Deice Sprayer Booms

To make sure the deice product gets to the surface to be treated correctly, we offer several different setups. The picture below shows a standard 96” boom with either nozzles or drops. The nozzles work better in areas with less traffic because of complete coverage of the area, such as driveways and parking lots. The drops work better in areas of high traffic, since the traffic can spread out the product. The drops do allow the use of less product, but there has to be enough traffic to spread out the product. The picture on the upper right shows a nozzle setup and the picture on the lower right shows a drop setup and how it attaches to the boom. Booms can be customized to any width to suit your needs.

Another way is to treat the salt before it hits the roadway. The bottom right photo shows two nozzles that pre-treat the salt as it falls from the truck and hits the spinner. By pre-treating the salt this way, it allows the salt to work quicker in icy conditions.

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