Poly Truck Tanks

We carry a full product line of Synder & Norwesco horizontal nurse tanks for all sizes of trucks. Our nurse tanks range in size from 300 to 3200 gallon. With this range in sizes, we can supply a tank to fit your truck and transportation needs.

Poly Truck Tanks

2000 Gallon Super Nurse Tanks

As you see in the pictures, the tanks come with a 2” or 3” fitting.  Metal hoops are included to hold the tanks in place.  We also fill the tanks with baffle balls to make driving & product application easier on the operator by reducing sloshing of the fluid during frequent stops and acceleration.

Poly Truck Tanks

3000 Gallon Super Nurse Tanks

Base Prices (includes hoops & 2″ valve pack)

325 Leg Tank – $685.00

525 Leg Tank – $850.00

725 Leg Tank – $1,125.00

1035 Nurse Tank – $1,450.00

2000 Nurse Tank – $2,800.00

3000 Nurse Tank – $4,400.00

Delivery price will be calculated based on location.

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