ATV Units

The ATV unit is a skid sprayer that will fit into the bed of most ATV type machines. They come with a 55 gallon tank, regulating valve, return line and your choice of a gas or 12 volt electric pump (pictured).  This unit also comes with a hand wand and 20’ of hose for spraying hard to reach areas. On the back of the sprayer is your choice of a 12’ boom or a 7’ boom. Like the 3-point unit, this boom is capable of having spray nozzles or drops installed. The unit pictured has manual controls on it to regulate the flow of product but a speed and pressure controller, or MicroTrak Roadmaster can be added for automatic rate control option.



7’ boom

12′ boom

Hand Gun
TeeJet TriggerJet (pictured)
TeeJet 43LAL6

Manual (pictured)
TIR RC-10N Speed and Pressure Controller
MicroTrak Roadmaster Automatic Rate Controller

3.5 hp Briggs Engine with Hypro 4100 Roller Pump
John Blue 12 volt Diaphragm Pump


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