325, 525, and 725 Gallon Truck Units

The mid-size truck line includes a 325, 525, and 725 gallon unit. These units are on a steel 3″ channel frame with stainless steel banding to hold the tanks in place. The base model includes a 5.5 hp Honda engine with a 2″ Banjo poly pump, a 96” receiver boom, and a TIR RC-10N Speed & Pressure controller. The boom includes flood jet nozzles for low traffic areas and drops for high traffic areas. The unit has a 2” quick-fill port for filling from a tank or larger truck. To make sure the pump stays clean of debris, there is a 2″ in-line strainer.


  • 325, 525, or 725 gallon leg style tanks – baffle in tank legs
  • Powder coated steel frame for easy on/off from truck with forklift
  • 2” Banjo Poly Pump w/ Honda 5hp gas engine —-or—- Hydraulic driven 1-1/4” Pump
  • Complete plumbing – Cam lock to boom, 2”quick fill to tank, Return for agitation
  • All stainless or poly plumbing
  • [80”- 8 nozzle] or [96”-10 nozzle] boom– set for both spray or straight stream with ¼ turn cap changes
  • 525 & 725 gallon unit fits in a 10’ truck bed with a 96” boom
  • Anti-slow baffle balls available
  • MicroTrak automatic rate control available – call for quote
  • Estimated Delivery — 3 weeks after order
  • Larger tank options available, call for options

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