About Deice Products – A Division of Agro Chem, Inc.

Agro Chem was founded in 1975 as a distributor of agricultural chemicals. As more farmers applied their own chemicals, Agro Chem noticed a need to provide customers with a source for spray equipment. Agro Chem has been at the forefront of spray technology. From flood nozzles and brass nozzle bodies, to air induction nozzles and quick attach nozzle bodies, Agro Chem has experienced many advances in spraying methods.

Agro Chem is owned by Brian, Brad, and Mark Peas. From day one, we have considered our customer relationships to be the foundation of our company. Agro Chem’s customer list includes farmers, fertilizer dealers, aerial applicators, implement dealers, golf courses, lawn care and landscape companies, pest control companies, right-of-way applicators, municipals and state DOT, & deice contractors.

Over the years, Agro Chem has met the needs of our customers by adding different products to solve their unique problems. Agro Chem understands that the same solution doesn’t solve every problem. That’s why we provide a wide range of products with great flexibility and customized options.

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